On Friday 21st July, Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Keith Taylor visited the recently completed hydropower station on the banks of the Thames in the village of Sonning, Berkshire.

Green MEP Visits Hydropower Station

(L to R) Greenford’s Simon Rogers and Green MEP Keith Taylor

Mr Taylor was in the area visiting the True Food Community Cooperative in Reading, and was keen to also visit Greenford Ltd’s latest hydropower installation which was completed and operational as of January 2017. After Keith met with staff and volunteers in the Emmer Green shop, he headed over to Sonning for a tour of the new Pridewater Estates hydropower station. The European Chair of the Climate Parliament and avid supporter of renewable and community energy, met with Greenford Ltd Director Simon Rogers who gave Mr Taylor a tour of the site.

Greenford were responsible for the design and installation of this Archimedes screw driven hydropower station which is currently generating energy from the river Thames and feeding it back into the National Grid. This is just the latest hydro project for Greenford who have worked on installations up and down the Thames and beyond over the course of their 25 year history.

Mr Taylor said: “There are so many plans in place for renewable energy projects across Berkshire and the South East. It is really encouraging to see schemes such as this, backed by the private sector and the local community alike, coming online and realising the potential for clean energy across the region. I look forward to seeing more locally generated renewable energy projects being developed; they’re urgently needed to help free the UK from our dirty fossil fuel chains.” 


To find out more about the scheme visit the Greenford Renewables page by clicking here.

To find out more about the canal marina company behind this green energy installation, visit the Pridewater Estates Ltd website by clicking here.