State of the Art Hydropower Facility Officially Opens

The village of Sonning, already well-known for its A-List inhabitants, can now add another impressive permanent resident to the list – a state of the art, green energy hydropower generator. Thursday 18th May was a day of jubilation as guests gathered on the banks of the Thames to celebrate the grand opening of the newly completed hydropower facility. The scheme by Pridewater Estates Ltd involved years of planning, including environmental surveys, … Continue reading

Aerial Photography Shows Maidenhead on Track

A new video posted by the Maidenhead Waterways Restoration Group is a fantastic compilation of recently received aerial photographs and video from local photographers. Maidenhead Waterways posted the video on their YouTube channel April 10th, 2017 to provide both an update on the on-going works in the town centre, … Continue reading

A Story in Pictures – Maidenhead Waterways

As the Maidenhead Waterways Restoration works progress in the town centre, locals and regular visitors to Maidenhead will certainly have noticed the massive changes going on since the project began.Principal contractors performing the Maidenhead Waterways Restoration project Greenford Ltd, have not only been diligently completing these transformative works, but have also been cataloguing every stage of the scheme with photographs. This now vast database covers when the works first began back in 2015 … Continue reading