Greenford have been a part of a number of renewable energy projects for a range of clients. Through Greenford’s involvement in these projects, we are thrilled to be contributing to the environmental sustainability of Britain and to be a part of the movement towards increased sustainable energy production engineering works.



Hydro Screw – Sonning,  Berkshire

Greenford completed this ground-breaking project in January 2017 on behalf of canal marina company Pridewater Estates Ltd. This hydro screw located on the banks of the Thames in the picturesque village of Sonning in Berkshire, generates enough electricity to completely offset Pridewater Estates’ annual energy usage making them the UK’s first and only 100% green marina and caravan site organisation.  Greenford were responsible for the design, build and installation of an Archimedes hydro screw, constructing the generator housing structure, and landscaping and reinstating the entire site which enabled it to blend seamlessly back into the surrounding landscape. The site was officially opening by Pridewater Estates’ Terry Lane on 18th May 2017.

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Hydro Screw – Shenfield Mill,  Berkshire

In January 2016 Greenford completed the installation of a hydro screw at Shenfield Mill, Theale in Berkshire on behalf of client Renewables First. The project not only consisted of the installation of an Archimedes hydro screw, Greenford also constructed a generator housing structure, installed a fish pass, landscaped the entire site and upgraded the access road. The installation of the hydro screw also required the creation of 4m high reinforced concrete walls to house the turbine.

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Shenfield- driving of temporay sheet piles  Shenfield- consruction of RC walls 2













Hydro Screw – Blenheim Palace

In 2014, Greenford provided the civil engineering works to install the Archimedes hydro screw at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire. The hydro screw is an energy generator which works by utilising Archimedes’ water pump design – water falls naturally over the cascade, which moves the turbine and generates electricity. Greenford installed the hydro screw at the Bladon Cascade on the palace grounds and it is designed to generate enough power to run the homes on the Blenheim Estate as well as contribute to the national grid. According to, the estimated energy savings are between £19,000 and £26,000 per year and carbon emission reductions are projected at over 42,000kg annually.

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Hydro Screw – Mapledurham Watermill

In 2010 Greenford embarked upon the replacement project for the hydro screw at Mapledurham Watermill, Berkshire. The original turbine was installed in the 1920s however, had since fallen into disrepair. Replacing this feature involved the careful removal of the old system and the installation of the new without damaging or compromising the aesthetic of the only working watermill on the Thames. The works required the draining of the mill pond and the approach to the mill, creating a temporary bridge for machinery to access the mill island, installing the new turbine (which weighed in at 24.7 tonnes), then reconstructing the turbine building in keeping with the original specifications. According to this turbine now generates enough power for approximately 140 homes and is a permanent source of income for the mill in its contribution to the National Grid.

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Hydro Screw – Hardwater Mill

In 2012, Greenford was engaged to complete works on a hydro screw to power a private residence and bed & breakfast for a private client in Northamptonshire. The end result was an efficient, attractive and seamless addition to the landscape which not only provided the home and business with a source of renewable power but all without compromising the history and natural beauty of the property or its surrounds.

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IMG_1309Bindon Mill (14)













Hydro Screw – Osney Lock

In 2013, construction began on the Osney Lock Hydro project located on the outskirts of Oxford. According to the concept of the scheme was a community owned system which would generate clean energy and be a source of income for involved locals. The hydro screw was officially up and running as of June 2015. Alongside the hydro screw construction, Greenford also built a fish pass as part of the project. This fish pass enabled fish to move up the river at this particular location for the first time in two centuries.

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Osney Hydro , excavation startsOsney - RC Housing for Hydro screw Osney - Reinforment fixing