Special Projects

At Greenford we consider all our projects special however there are occasions where we are able to be a part of a new, unique or alternative construction project which provides us an opportunity to not only hone our existing skills, but to also develop new, innovative methods and techniques for projects where the conventional will just not do.

2nd Warwick Sea Scouts, Warwickshire 

To commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the scout group plans were implemented to ensure its future for the next 60 years! Greenford got to work by refurbishing the previously existing jetties, installing sheet piling and new jetties, concrete stairs and a shipway extension, for this large sea scout group in St Nicholas Park, Warwick. Greenford was honoured to assist with the project and despite some challenging access issues, the project was delivered ahead of schedule.

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Rowes Flashe Boathouse Restoration, Winkworth Arboretum, National Trust – Surrey

July 2017 saw Greenford complete restoration works to the historic Rowes Flashe Boathouse at the picturesque National Trust’s Winkworth Arboretum in Surrey. Greenford restored the foundation of the boathouse as well as conducting the very careful removal and relocation of tens of thousands of bees and their hives from within the boathouse walls!

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Nazrin Shah Building, Worcester College – Oxford

In July 2017 Greenford completed works, on behalf of Beard Construction, contributing to the Nazrin Shah Building project at Worcester College, Oxford.

Greenford were engaged to extend the existing lake on the grounds to meet this impressive new building and to create an attractive link between the structure and the college’s extensive and historic gardens. Greenford also installed a footbridge, edging and paving, a footpath and performed all reinstatement works. The end result is a stunning addition to this Oxford institution, one which already blends seamlessly with the elegance and grandeur of the existing surrounds.

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Outdoor Learning Structure, Rose Hill School – Oxford

One year after Rose Hill School officially opened their new forest school area in January 2016, Greenford coordinated a small group of Oxfordshire businesses to supply and build free of charge an outdoor learning structure to complete this innovative educational space. Greenford designed and then built the donated outdoor learning shelter during the 2017 Easter holiday period to ensure it was ready for use as soon as the summer term started with no disruption to classes. Along with Greenford, supplies and materials were donated to the project by Greenplant, Jewson, College Scaffolding and Ian Rycroft Photography who supplied a time-lapse camera to record the entire build.

The school’s children are now able to track wildlife, nurture and grow plants and trees, be responsible for the upkeep of the outside learning space, learn independence, resilience, team work, how to take initiative, embrace responsibility, calculate risk, assess safety and build confidence. Greenford were proud to able to make this contribution to the local Oxfordshire community.

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Reeds Bridge – Iver, Buckinghamshire

Between May and July 2013, Greenford conducted works to remove the old steel bridge which spans the Grand Union Canal on the outskirts of Iver in Buckinghamshire. The project was performed on behalf of May Gurney Ltd and involved the removal of the old and damaged bridge as well as restorative piling works to the failed bridge abutments.

The works were carried out by temporarily closing a section of canal and filling it with imported graded stone to form a solid and level base. Using this base, a temporary works structure was designed and installed to allow the old steel bridge (weighing approx. 35 tonnes) to be carefully pulled across the canal on specially designed rollers to rest on the bank. Greenford then installed sheet piling to the face of the failed abutment foundations to ensure it was stable before reinstating the adjacent footpath and removing the imported stone restoring navigation to this section of canal.

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Wolfson Extension – Somerville College, Oxford

In early 2013 Greenford completed works on the Wolfson building extension at Somerville College, Oxford. Greenford were responsible for all ground works, the new building’s concrete structure, structural alterations to the existing building, as well as the final landscaping.

The new structure is purposed as a light and open gathering and event space for the college and Greenford’s delivery of the architectural nature of the fair-face concrete works was an integral part of the project vision. The sleek design is a modern but fitting addition to the existing building and, with its quality craftsmanship, will form part of Somerville College’s history for years to come.

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Car Park and Canal Wall Works, The Glasshouse College – Stourbridge

In March 2016 Greenford completed car park and canal wall works for the Ruskin Mill Land Trust at Glasshouse College, Stourbridge. The works involved rebuilding of a canalside retaining wall, re-profiling of the bank above, and levelling and re-surfacing the site’s main car park. Glasshouse College is an educational institution for young people with learning and behavioural difficulties and the completion of these improvements make it a more attractive and much safer environment for all.

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Subterranean Research Structure – Abingdon

In June 2014 Greenford commenced works to construct a below ground, waterproof structure to be used to carry out scientific research activities. The concrete structure measures 10m x 5m x 4m and was built into the foundation of an existing industrial building. The build resulted in the seamless merging of the new structure with the existing space and required detailed precision to ensure the end result met with the relevant industry standards.

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Amphibious House – Marlow

2014 saw Greenford make history as the lead contractor in the construction of the UK’s first amphibious house. This private residence in Marlow, Buckinghamshire was constructed based on an architectural design of a waterside dwelling adapted to suit its environment, and not the other way around. In flood-prone areas, an amphibious house would mean the difference between massive property damage and an uninterrupted existence.
Greenford built and tested the flood-resistant foundation and house-raising mechanism. When flood water approaches it runs into grates surrounding the structure, filling a reservoir which, upon reaching a certain level, triggers the required elevation of the house – anywhere up to a height of over three metres. This exciting project is the first of its kind in the UK and may speak to the future of waterside residential construction.
This build and Greenford were featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs in October 2014. Greenford’s involvement with the amphibious house has made us one of Britain’s most ground breaking civil contractors.

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Playground – Great Milton Church of England Primary School

In 2014 Greenford was involved in a matched funding project with Great Milton C of E Primary School, Oxfordshire. Greenford provided materials, workforce and plant to create and complete the school’s new play area including a specially designed pathway to teach the children about road safety. This play road was made to simulate a regular road with junctions, traffic lights, a roundabout, school crossing and is made up of over 400 square metres of tarmac.
The previous playground was declared dangerous and was therefore underutilised to the point where there was only a small patch of space the children could safely play on. As Greenford was founded and originally based in Great Milton, it was not only a worthwhile project to contribute to, it was also a wonderful personal opportunity for Greenford to give back to the Great Milton community by creating a safe and fun play area for its children.

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