At Greenford we are committed to doing our utmost to help protect the environment and are constantly looking for new ways to improve the environmental efficiency of all our business activities.  

Greenford ensure our day to day practices are as environmentally sound as possible through the employment of our Environmental Statement;

By the nature of our operations, Greenford are committed to quality and safety. It is a natural extension of this commitment that we recognise the importance of the natural and built environment.

Greenford endeavour to maintain the highest standards during all our operations to ensure we always:

Comply with all legal requirements, regulations and standards

Liaise with the local community to achieve acceptable solutions wherever possible

Plan and deliver works to minimise the effects of noise, dust, possible pollution and disturbance, and inconvenience to those affected by operations

Where there is an opportunity, influence the customer to adopt cost-effective, environmentally positive solutions

Ensure that all Greenford premises, sites and areas accessible to the public are clean and tidy at all times

Actively encourage utilisation of materials which can be recycled or reused

Recognise the importance of training and education of employees regarding environmental issues

Monitor and continually seek improved environmental performance and awareness

Through constant evaluation and review of all our business and site practices and by working with our customers and suppliers, we at Greenford believe that considerable environmental improvements can be made on each and every project.